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Diamond Education

4 C'S
Cut - Clarity - Color - Carat


Thinking of Getting a Diamond Ring? Will that it's just the beginning.. Learn and Educate you self before buying a diamond to help you picking just the Perfect Brilliant diamond for the Best price.. A good understanding of diamonds will make your purchase a lot easier and more fun. This guide is aimed at helping the one-time or rare-occasion buyers and to make all the important decision and to make sure that you get exactly the diamond you want.

Diamonds are the most Precious Gem in The whole World and the hardest rocks on earth, created Thousands years ago under ground from Natural Carbon crystalline substance, Buying a diamond represents the celebration of a special occasion such as an Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary.. A Gift Like a Diamond Ring will make the Best Impression; Presenting Love, Care and Promise..

 The most important fact in the 4 C's, is the source of Brilliance and Fire.
A Diamond with a proportion of good cut allowed the light to go through the table reaches the facets and reflect so well back evenly in the face up position, with no dark areas, all the facets are exactly where they should be and polished until they gleam. Ideal cut is all about having the right proportions, precise symmetry, and a fine polish.

Too Deep

Too Shallow

Ideal Cut

Shallow Cut Diamond leaks the light out of the bottom. Brilliance is lost and the diamond appears glassy. A very shallow cut stone will seem dark as the light exits the back of the stone, the angles not reflecting the light back up through the top of the stone to your eye.
The Light in Deep Cut Diamond escapes from the bottom causing the diamond to appear dull and lifeless. Looking Through a Deep Stone you'll notice a black reflection in the center of the table. Read more about diamonds cut


Diamond Clarity:
Most diamonds contain some denitrifying characteristics flaws, that occur during the formation process.
 Most are invisible to the naked eye. To view a diamond, experts use a 10x magnifying loupe which allows them to see the appearance of tiny crystals, feathers or clouds. All of these phenomena are natural and called inclusions.
Inclusion size will determine the grade of the diamond.











The highest Clarity the less Inclusion will have and the more rare will be. Read more about diamonds clarity

Diamond Color:

The color of the diamond is also consider as an important fact that will determine the value on any diamond.

Grading color in the normal range involves deciding how closely a stone's body color approaches colorlessness. Most diamonds have at least a trace of yellow or brown body color. With the exception of some natural fancy colors, such as blue, pink, purple, or red, the colorless grade is the most valuable.

Extremely White

Very White to White

Faint Yellow

Light Yellow

Fancy Colored

Diamond Color Range from the highest of Colorless Witch is D - E - F This category is the rarest and most expensive, diamonds in this range are Extremely white. Read more about diamond color
Diamond Carat:
The standard unit of measurement of the weight of a diamond.
which equals 0.200 gram, is the standard unit of weight for diamonds and most other gems. If other factors are equal, the more a stone weighs, the more valuable it will be.

0.50 ct

1.00 ct

1.50 ct

2.00 ct

2.50 ct

3.00 ct

3.50 ct

4.00 ct

5.00 ct


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